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Mariano Pascual — Barcelona, Spain

“The main value of the printed poster is that it allows us to conquer the sense of touch, after the first visual impact. The artist has more control over the type of paper, inks and finishes that allow you to transmit a climax, as opposed to the screens and the variety of devices that can ruin the image or provide wrong colours. The printed poster is usually unique, grants one a feeling of belonging/ownership and the value of the presence of the work itself as against the ease, immediacy and economy of digital publications.”

Mariano Pascual is a visual artist from Argentina currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He performs multi-disciplinary projects as a graphic designer and illustrator. In his works he explores natural science, geometry, philosophy, cultures and celestial objects. His interpretations create surrealistic characters and fictional spaces through a vectorial language. The search for the aesthetic, details, textures and materials are the main preoccupations in his digital paintings.

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