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Mario Felipe — IAOEU Studio — Santiago, Chile

What mistakes or traps should young designers try to avoid when creating an illustration? “The trap I have seen younger people fall into is to work directly on the computer and skip what is the most important step for me. Make sketches with pencil and paper, that saves you a lot of time, materials and hours of fatigue on the screen. It also allows you to connect the imagination of your mind with your hand. It’s amazing the power of this connection. And another thing is to understand that the creative processes are different from production processes. They are slower and you have to know how to let them rest for a while and then continue.”

Mario Felipe is an artist and designer from Santiago in Chile. His style is a mixture of art and graphic design, characterized by creating series with clean shapes and basic colours. He spent three years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he created his own design studio IAOEU.

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