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Marmalade Bleue — Columbus, USA

“I think that food design unites viewers in a shared experience, elevates the substance above mere consumption and elicits smell, touch and taste without asking the user to directly utilise those senses. I try to use it symbolically, so that it maintains legibility to viewers and realistically to appeal to culinary appreciators.”

Danielle Evans is the girl behind a creative outlet called Marmalade Bleue, a studio name that is 80 percent strategic 20 percent melodic, she says. “At the time I was engaged to be married and wanted to use a pseudonym as my maiden name. I liked the lyrical quality of the quirky word marmalade and needed a punchy fourth syllable to seal the deal. My now-husband and I dreamt of moving to francophone Europe and hoped to attract that market’s attention, hence the bleue, which is the French feminine version of the word for the colour. Little did I know I was pre-empting this food-type side project. I should have listened to myself more carefully from the start.”

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