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Mateusz Szulik — Rybnik, Poland

What attracts you to create illustrations? “The first great attraction for me is the process itself. Working on a specific theme or brief, trying to solve problems for the client, or technical problems, creating an imaginative world or characters — all these things are super fun and rewarding. And I’m always trying to find a small area of the image where I can put something that’s ‘my very own’ or just for fun. The second thing is the end result and the feeling that the illustration induces in the viewer. That’s also very rewarding.”

Mateusz Szulik is a freelance illustrator and art director working in games and advertising. One of his most recognisable characteristics is the faceted, low-poly-mesh style that he has been developing in recent years. Currently fascinated by VR, he has co-founded a VR studio called Superbright.

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