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Maud — Sydney, Australia

“Maud’s approach to food design is no different to any other design project, except that the research is more fun (especially if the brand is an alcohol client). You have to design packaging that people would be proud to associate with, you have to inform people about what they’re buying, and you have to be modern and reflect people’s lifestyles without looking impersonal. Good edible graphics, or design for food-related projects, comes from simplicity.”

Naming the studio “Maud” was an idea that originated in a conversation about typical old people’s names that took place at a pub in Clerkenwell, London, but it was not until six years later that the actual name – and the studio – came into being. Maud aims to create provocative design that builds brands and businesses. Its work covers as many aspects as possible, from brand identity to products to customer experience to environment design, digital and film.

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