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Max Lippolis — Salerno, Italy

How do music and design come together during your creative process? “Always! I live for music every day, it helps me concentrate. It’s essential to my creative process. In the design studio, where you are trapped for 12+ hours a day, I was the one who played my playlist for the room. Since I didn’t listen to just one type of music, I generally covered the collective musical tastes of everyone. Music makes us happy, relaxed, and less stressed. Happiness, stress and creativity are intertwined; the happier and less stressed we are, the more creative we tend to be. No wonder Friedrich Nietzsche once said: ‘Life without music is a mistake’.”

Max Lippolis is a graphic designer based in Italy specialising in design for packaging and brand identity. He says it is not easy to describe his design style. “Every time I find something new and transfer it on each project. I try to be as versatile as possible, finding the perfect balance between content and style to create a unique and functional message.”

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