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Meng Zhang — Sydney, Australia

Is there any existing packaging design, your own work or that of others, that you would like to re-design? “One of the existing packaging designs that I would love to re-design is one of my own recent ones, for a cosmetic product. Due to time constraints, the final product lacked visual attractiveness. I would love to re-design it by incorporating a story in the design concept that echoes the company’s vision. Another key element in the existing packaging design that I would love to re-design is the use of clean and effective typography as cluttered, small or hard-to-read fonts can often frustrate consumers.”

Meng Zhang claims to be “a story-teller and problem-solver who loves to create intelligent and effective design solutions”. “Over the years,” he says, “my passion for graphic design has evolved into a love of branding design, editorial, packaging and illustration. I am proud to say that I see the world differently, think outside the box and find inspiration everywhere.”

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