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Menta — Laura Méndez — Guadalajara, México

I would love to re-brand a local museum in Guadalajara, as it would involve many disciplines, such as a knowledge of history, local understanding of our culture, semiotics, etc. A project such as this would require research, and we would invite professionals from other disciplines to participate. But it would be a challenge presenting creative work to directors who may not be exposed to visual culture. I would also love to work on a monogram for an international fashion brand. Monograms are so small and subtle, but impactful. It’s the minimum expression of a brand.

Menta is an independent branding and illustration studio founded by Laura Méndez in 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She says: “We believe in the simplicity of allure to deliver effective brand identities that balance classic and contemporary aesthetics, through research and clear concept definition. Our work builds meaningful human connections and stirs up beautiful experiences. We favour carefully crafted and well-executed print.”

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