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Michal Krasnopolski — Warsaw, Poland

“When designing a poster for a commercial campaign, many people have an influence on the final shape of the work, so the end result is always a form of compromise. When I design a poster only for myself (or a private commission), I have full control over the creative process from start to finish.”

Michal Krasnopolski is a creative director/graphic designer from Warsaw, Poland. Born in 1980, he is a graduate of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. He has been working in advertising since 2002 and is the winner of multiple Polish ad industry awards. His work has been featured in the book Two Decades Of PolishAdvertising 1990-2010. Clients have includedBad Robot, Focus Features, HBO Poland, Inditex, Lindeman & Associates, Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures.

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