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Michele Verze — Sydney, Australia

“A business card has immense power. When I hold one in my hand, in particular a good one, it influences the perception I might have of the person who gave it to me. The thickness of the paper, the embossing or choice of fonts, are some of the many reasons why a strong card is like a miniature work of art. With such small real estate to play with, every aspect that goes into an identity design needs to be considered and constantly calibrated. While this often seems like a complicated process it provides an interesting insight into the personality and character of the brand.”

Michele Verze is a multi-disciplinary creative director based in Sydney, with over 12 years of experience in Australia and Europe, specialising in art direction and brand identity across multiple channels and industries. His work experience spreads across design studios, shopper and advertising agencies. His vision has evolved into leveraging design thinking to create meaningful and relevant brand experiences for the clients and brands he collaborates with. Ideas beyond pixels as he likes to say.

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