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Miguel Dias — Lisbon, Portugal

What makes a good promotional design? “I don’t know, it’s probably the amount of truth you put in it. Of course, it naturally turns out better if you’re doing what you like. There are so many answers to this question, and no wrong ones. I would say that you should try to find your own voice and to work out what separates you from the crowd. The work should be true to yourself, and of course of good quality. If you present your work like this, then you might find that other people look at it and identify themselves with it. In the end, its all about feelings.”

Miguel Dias is a 27-year-old Portuguese freelance graphic designer and paper artist. He studied communication design in Portugal, went to Poland to do his Erasmus and “to drink vodka”. Then, back to Portugal to work at a couple of advertising agencies (Action4 and Born) as a graphic designer. Then he moved to Sweden to freelance at Snask in Stockholm for a year. Now he lives in Lisbon. He says he loves branding.

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