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Miłosz Klimek — Cracow, Poland

The Ralph Lauren logo. I really liked this back in the day, especially on some polos that I was given as a kid. But today it looks kind of dated. The letters “R” and “L” look way too heavy compared with the rest of the logotype. An icon that is very illustrative feels as if it could use some regimentation and adjusting with the negative space to make it sleeker while staying very recognisable. The Ralph Lauren logo is a perfect example of a re-branding that just needs some slight touches to bring it up-to-date.

Miłosz Klimek is a multi-disciplinary Polish designer with a primary focus on creating visual identities, web design and digital advertising. Has graduation from Graphics, Design & Multimedia (circa 2007). Currently living and working in Cracow, he previously ran his own studio, Undefined Space, in Cieszyn, before joining Balsam Studio as a graphic designer and then becoming a creative director for James Cook Publishing (2015). Currently he works as a branding consultant for Nanei. He co-founded One More Time with a group of friends.

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