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Minjoo Ham — Berlin, Germany / Seoul, South Korea

“Dunkel Sans is a buzzing heavyweight display font, perfect for leaving a fierce impression on posters and signage applications. Dunkel is the German word for dark and as the name implies, it is designed to be super-black. When I visit Korea, I walk through the streets and visit bookstores to observe the trends. It seems there are not many diverse fonts (compared to the Latin font industry). I realised that there are heavyweight Korean typefaces, but they are not dark enough. So I decided to draw a Hangeul font as bold as possible. A very powerful but still charming typeface. When it comes to shape, I was inspired by ’50s movie posters.”

Minjoo Ham is an independent type designer who studied graphic design in Seoul. She completed a TypeMedia master’s course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands, concentrating on Latin and Hangul double-script. She is now an independent type designer in Berlin, producing multi-script font families for corporate clients and various foundries.

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