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moodley brand identity — Graz, Austria

What differences have you found designing for reports, brochures and catalogues from other editorial disciplines? “Stories, pictures and reports are often already there when you are designing this sort of thing. So with the content being ready, you will have to make it look modern and interesting. It’s about finding the central theme and creating a look that does not only appeal to the target group, but also does justice to the topics.”

moodley brand identity is an owner-operated and international award-winning strategic design agency. It has been developing corporate and product brands with its clients since 1999 – “brands that live, breathe and grow”. Says a spokesperson: “Whether start-up, market launch or re-positioning, we see our creative responsibility in the strategic development of simple, intelligent and emotionally appealing solutions to complex tasks. This is why we currently employ more than 60 specialists from the fields of strategy, design, consumer experience, architecture, journalism and content publishing.”

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