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Mr. Bingo — London, UK

Everyone has a different tolerance threshold to what they find offensive. Mine is pretty high so sometimes it’s difficult for me to predict what will possibly be going too far for some people. I’m not really that bothered if I offend a few people; it’s all part of the game. Generally, if you make a piece of work that offends two people, I’m sure there’ll be 100 other people who’ll like it, so it’s fine to upset a few along the way.

The name Mr. Bingo came to him in 1998 when he visited a bingo hall and won £141. He had spent most of his time at school drawing things for the amusement of his classmates. Now he works from his studio in East London, drawing "stuff" for a wide and diverse range of clients including The New York Times, The Mighty Boosh and QI.

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