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Muokkaa Studio — Alejandro López Becerro — Madrid, Spain

“My favourite typography project so far was the image I did for the Grafic-Ho Festival. The previous image was done with a cube shape in 2D and the challenge was to create something completely new in 3D but keeping the idea of forming a cube, remembering the one they did before. The best thing about working on this project was that they gave me total freedom to develop the idea in terms of colours, shapes and composition.”

Alejandro López Becerro, a Spanish graphic designer living and working in Madrid, is the man behind Muokkaa Studio. He was born in 1983 in Salamanca, where he studied graphic design at the School of Arts. After working for two years at a local design studio, he moved to the capital to develop his career as a designer and 3D illustrator. He has made typographic illustrations for such clients as O, The Oprah Magazine, Fortune, Field And Stream, Wired Germany, Die Zeit, Yorokobu, AIGA, Directv, Heineken and Refinery29. Nowadays, he “continues growing while playing with typography, 3D and colours”.

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