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My Name is Wendy — Carole Gautier, Eugénie Favre — Valence/Paris, France

“It’s not original, but we have a particular interest in the Futura typeface because it was based on geometric raw forms, on signs. And it evokes the spirit of Bauhaus, an artistic movement to which we are very attached because of its history and its influence and also by pure nostalgia – a utopian desire to see design arise from this sort of education system, involving traditional craft, art and every medium of creation.”

My Name Is Wendy was born in 2006 from the collaboration of two graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre. This collaboration unites expertise in graphic and plastic art. They produce visual identities, typefaces, formal principals, pictures, patterns and print, proclaiming that “a project is first of all an encounter gathering competences and mutual ethics”. They also produce a limited number of posters.

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