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NM Type — Noel Pretorius, María Ramos — Stockholm, Sweden / Santiago de Compostela, Spain

“For our experimental variable font Movement we found inspiration in an unusual field, contemporary dance. We observed and analysed the movements of the South African dancer Andile Vellem. Trying to translate his movements into type forms was a challenging but wonderful learning experience. Connecting art and design is something we look for and feel passionate about. We also connected art and type design in our typeface family Kinetic, where we were inspired by the art of Alexander Calder.”

NM Type is a collaborative type foundry run by two designers, Noel Pretorius and María Ramos. They create custom fonts for international clients, develop retail typefaces, and like to play with experimental type. Their philosophy brings together art, history and design. They believe in defining strong design concepts when creating new typefaces.

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