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Nairuti Sharma — Visakhapatnam, India

“The most challenging part of any display design till now has been re-sizing and re-aligning the same design in different and various window formats. There have been times when I had to customise and adjust each design for almost 100 stores across the country and almost 20 stores globally. Designing one installation for one space is easier than replicating the same design in various formats as dimensions usually vary drastically; even 5mm of difference can create a huge crisis at the time of installation. Lack of sufficient time is also a factor.”

Nairuti Sharma is a 28-year-old Indian working as an installation designer for brands worldwide. She started out as a visual artist and slowly progressed towards window design/installation. She likes luxury formats and enjoys working in the jewellery industry. Her work is a “collaboration of emotions with tactile expressions,” she says, adding: “I have a proficient understanding of materials, colours, print media, treatments and visual forecasting. My next step in design is to come up with concepts and ideas that are not just beautiful but sustainable and re-cyclable.”

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