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Non-Verbal Club — Porto, Portugal

What are the differences with other editorial disciplines that you have found when designing for reports, brochures and catalogues? “A book provides different challenges and opportunities than a brochure or a leaflet. In the end, it comes down to challenging the clients to look at each piece as a possibility to create something different to what they’re used to.”

Non–verbal is a design studio based in Porto and Berlin, focused on developing custom design solutions and communication consultancy. It says that its “motivation comes from our many passions and at the centre of our practice is our concern for the ways in which language is made visible — through a careful, skilled and informed use of typography. We’re unashamedly dedicated to it. We value intelligent and informed perspectives, which we support through an intensive process of research, strategy development and collaboration networks. This ensures that our response is unique to each challenge we are given. Every project we undertake is a dedicated balancing act — between craft and technology, between rationality and poetry, between expectation and surprise.”

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