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NotoriusGrey — Athens, Greece/Larnaca, Cyprus

What is the biggest challenge you face while working on window-display design? “Because the studio’s work involves a more functional design approach to all things, the challenge we face is combining this with the more commercial. To overcome it, we try to design in ‘layers’, by using also the inside of the store, and what can be seen from the outside. This creates a 3D canvas, where the first ‘layer’ (usually the glass or another installation inside or outside the store front) has minimum information – enough to capture the attention of the passerby while leading their gaze inevitably to the inside in search for more information.”

NotoriusGrey designs visual-communication tools, using semiology, geometry, typography, plus “coherence, intellect and sentiment”, saying: “The purpose of these tools is to change, adjust and adapt not only to the project’s needs but also to the viewers’ perception and mindset. The tools themselves also constitute the ‘ornamentation’ of the work done for each project.”

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