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OMFGCO — Fritz Mesenbrink, Jeremy Pelley — Portland, USA

“All of our best work comes from fully understanding the context and problems at hand and restaurants are no exception. We first get to know the team, the location, the market, and the concept. We build a solid foundation with clear language, and then we get to the fun part of bringing it to life visually. All in all, we try to create meaningful work that shows respect to the audience and leaves a lasting impact.”

OMFGCO is a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Portland, Oregon, founded in 2009 by Fritz Mesenbrink and Jeremy Pelley. They believe that “it’s easy to make things pretty but hard to make them matter”. They add that “regardless of the project at hand, the same principles apply in making considered, relevant, and long-lasting brands for visionaries. OMFGCO exists to find a better way.”

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