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Official Classic — OFCL — Budapest, Hungary

What is the most memorable piece of typography you have come across? “Wipeout 3 changed my life forever. The packaging, the intro movie, the game. Prior to this I was interested only in graffiti, but when The Designers’ Republic came out with the ‘believable future’ in such high quality, I knew right away I wanted to do such things too. They have been one of my most important inspirational sources since then.”

Attila Horváth and Mark Zádor are the names behind Hungarian design outfit Official Classic. The former says that he has been “a big fan” of industrial design and Swiss typography since childhood. In 2008, he teamed up with Mark Zádor, who mainly draws vectors for OFCL. Says Horváth: “Designing typefaces is quite amazingly entertaining for me and I feel very lucky to be able to make a living doing it. I would like to thank Alex Haigh (HypeForType) and Michael Paul Young (YouWorkForThem) for their encouragement at the beginning.”

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