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Oh Babushka — Byron Bay, Australia

“Purpose and story are incredibly important components for really good publication design. Design and engagement is driven when the content has purpose. Publication design goes beyond visual aesthetics – it is about experience. The content, design, space, materials, story and purpose all come together to create an experience that engages and rewards the reader for their time. A publication is cherished, re-visited, when the experience is there. A publication can be visually beautiful, but without purpose, engagement is empty.”

Oh Babushka is an Australia-based creative studio dedicated to “bringing beautiful design with purpose to motivated boutique publishing, design, lifestyle and hospitality brands”. Founded in 2012, it works with local and international clients to develop identities, build stories and “come up with bright ideas. By blending the art of story-telling with visual communication, we create, cultivate and elevate brands.”

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