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Okuda — Óscar San Miguel Erice — Madrid, Spain

“I think a good pattern design should work in different scales and textures, such as fabrics, buildings, cars or furniture, and it could also be digital. One could mix old patterns with futuristic ones. My art tries to combine organic and futuristic patterns, added with some inspiration from African, Asian (especially Japanese) patterns with new fashion pattern. Digital art is the perfect mix for me.”

The unique iconographic language of Spanish artist Oscar San Miguel Erice, better known as Okuda, with its geometric structures and multi-coloured patterns, together with his active participation in major social projects, has brought him world-wide fame. In 2015, Okuda completed Kaos Temple, a highlight of his career, in which he transformed a church converted into a skate park into a showcase for contemporary art. Since then, he has been sought out by cultural institutions and private brands across the globe to work on large-scale public projects, as well as for his multi-faceted studio practice, which he began in 2009.

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