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Pardini Hall Architecture — London, UK

“We would really enjoy being involved in the environmental design of Whole Food Market, because we share a number of ideologies in the way they run their business – sustainability, organic, fair trade and animal and workers’ welfare. We would love to change their supermarket approach, dividing the big space into small areas, with different atmospheres depending on the section. Aiming to recreate the atmosphere of an original food-market, where you can just walk into a stall and understand what the production is about. Also use some of their space to communicate more with their customers.”

Pardini Hall is an international integrated architecture, design, interior, branding and landscape firm. The two directors have experience in some of the most prestigious international architectural practices, including Fuksas and Foster+Partners. The collaboration between them brings together not only their experience but also their personal creative visions. Pardini Hall has always been guided by the belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether that is in the workplace, at home, in the pubic realm or through an object. Architecture and design are generated by the needs of people, both material and spiritual, and the consequences of the physical context, the culture and the climate of a place. This approach is also supported by a strong commitment to the environment in the choice of materials and construction techniques. Pardini Hall, a RIBA-chartered practice, was founded in 2015 - as a developing of elips design - and is undertaking numerous projects in Italy, Europe and the US, expanding its size and scope, concentrating on boutique retail refurbishment and product design, and one-off private residential.

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