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Paul Blow — Dorset, UK

“The other day I watched my 10-year-old son drawing an image of Bart Simpson. He was repeatedly looking and drawing, looking and drawing. I also noticed that he spent more time looking than he did drawing, and I thought to myself, ‘He’s got it right’. Truly seeing what is in front of you is fundamental, even if it is only copying a comic.”

Taking inspiration from the world around him, UK-based illustrator Paul Blow plays with strong lines and distinctive colour palettes. He graduated with an MA in narrative illustration from the University of Brighton in 1995 and from early on in his career was determined to work for newspapers. He soon won fans among editors keen to use illustration as an extra voice rather than just incidental filler. Both his editorial portraits and advertising work demonstrate a sharp wit and knack for story-telling, as well a finely crafted drawing style.

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