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Perception — New York, USA

“After creating UI concepts for space-craft, racing cars and military-spec flight simulators, one of the most exciting things we did was something more down-to- earth. Our early contribution to Microsoft’s HoloLens (at the time an unnamed and highly secretive project) was an opportunity to take some interaction concepts previously only considered in science fiction, and bring them into our daily lives with elegance and purpose. Our cinematic approach and experience in thinking in three-dimensional space was a natural fit. As a result, we got a jump-start on the new paradigms of interaction that we’ll be continuing to design for the next 20 years.”

Perception’s focus is on “designing the next realm of user experiences for both feature films and future technologies – from summer blockbusters to cerebral sci-fi”. It claims that its “visionary designs expand the imagination with fantasy tech that goes far beyond set dressing. Perception envisions, designs, and creates the future and beyond.”

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