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Peter Greenwood — Brighton, UK

What mistakes or traps should young designers try to avoid when creating illustration? “I think that when you are starting out — though this applies to me now as much as when I started — you have to engage with what you are interested in, what makes you tick and gets you excited. Trying to create something that pre-empts what’s already out there will not really work. It should be about who you are and what floats your boat. That way, you get authenticity in your work and a universality that everyone can engage with.”

Peter Greenwood says he loves “to use negative space and perspective in my illustration work as this allows me to approach a vast array of subjects from differing viewpoints. I naturally gravitate to music and transportation themes, but I’m in no way limited to them. I’ve worked with many high-profile clients, producing everything from minimalist iconography to extensive, detailed cityscapes and powerful animation.” He works out of a group studio in central Brighton, UK.

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