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Grundini Ltd. — Peter Grundy — London, UK

“I set up a design studio with my business partner Tilly Northedge to do information design in a new and interesting way. It was then a very unglamorous genre; people wanted to go into advertising or brand design. But we saw an opportunity to make information design as creative as any other and that’s what we set out to do. It was an adventure rather than a business venture. We worked together for 26 years. In 2006 Tilly retired and I set up Grundini to concentrate on more experimental and diverse information projects, in many ways to return to my original goals of 1980, but with a renewed energy. You can see the results on my website and download my new book, Grundini2.”

Peter Grundy is a designer and illustrator who in 1980 re-defined the genre that is today known as infographics. Grundy, a.k.a. Grundini, grapples with “modern messiness” by designing “simple, shared and accessible architectures of the future”.

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