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Pop & Pac — Melbourne, Australia

Given the café/coffee theme of our project submissions, we’d go with Starbucks. Although undeniably popular around the world and especially in the US, in Melbourne the franchise has suffered. Our rich café culture dictates that people will seek out unique and different experiences. Chain coffee-shops are thus losing their appeal. We’d love to create a Starbucks brand that could resonate in the highly competitive Melbourne market. It’d be a great challenge, but one that we’d definitely enjoy taking on.

This is a graphic-design studio based in Melbourne that aims to “make brands stand out”. It says that “bespoke, modern, timeless, clever and unique are words that, in part, form our design ethos. We don’t only seek to create design but consider all our creative executions to be holistically experiential: we connect brand to architecture, web to printed collateral, and all of this connects to our clients’ stories.”

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