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Print Club London — London, UK

Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and with an internationally known artists membership, Print Club London is a heavyweight player in the world of design collectives operating in a club-like community. Taking a lead from print workshops and shared workspaces for freelancers in the US, Print Club London was established in 2007 and quickly filled a void in the market for self-employed artists needing space as well as those simply curious about print. “You are stronger as a collective in the corporate world; it’s good for clients to come to one hub where they can get a diverse range of styles.”

Focusing on education, facilities for members and support in selling and publicity, the club/collective/community has good financial business acumen and is focused on commercial success. The organisation often teams-up brands and companies such as Universal Music, Selfridges, Disney and Puma with club members to produce bespoke campaigns and also pushes the work of members online through the on-site shop and at print events in the UK.

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