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Przemek Sobocki — Tokyo, Japan

What is the biggest challenge you have faced while working on window-display design? “The biggest challenge was working on display for Mitsukoshi in Taipei over e-mails. All went pretty smoothly, but it was challenging to work on space and people that you can’t just see personally anytime you need. And it is always challenging as the production budget is invariably limited.”

Przemek Sobocki is an art director/illustrator with a background in interior and fashion design. In 2005 he received the V&A Illustration Award for Best Editorial. Przemek was also several times an awardee of the Japan Space Design Association. He works with various media and apart from space design he does editorial illustration, packaging and art direction and concept development. Recently, he has worked with Park Hyatt Tokyo for its Christmas card and Christmas hamper design. Przemek divides his time between Japan and Europe and is also a lecturer in design communication at the Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo.

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