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Puck Collective — London, UK

“The ethos we set Puck up on is like that of a DIY record label: we are more of a co-operative, we work for each other and we help each other out and there is no hierarchy within the collective; everybody is responsible for one another and everyone helps out on the projects.”

Founded by illustrators Robbie Wilkinson, David Gibbons, Patch Keyes and Samuel Rogers in 2010, Puck is now one of the largest illustration collectives in the UK, with more than 40 members. The organisation is part of the East London print collective “mafia” along with Print Club London (with which they have close links). Puck Collective is attached to Puck Studio and Robbie Wilkinson is also creative director of Jaguar Shoes Collective, a trendy label for several bars in the Shoreditch area of East London.

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