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Pupila Estudio — San José, Costa Rica

A re-brand for Spotify would be one hell of a design challenge, but one we’d love to get our hands, brains and ears on. Even though its identity has gone through a couple of re-brands already, it remains unsatisfying. You would expect to find a great brand behind such a great service and revolutionary company. By re-branding Spotify we could impact 75 million+ users, make the social networks burst into tears, roar in anger and maybe show some love. Definitely a challenge worth accepting.

Pupila Estudio is an independent design studio based in Costa Rica. It prides itself on having “a sharp eye that focuses on the important details, a quick hand that removes all excesses, and a simplistic branding as a result of such skills.” The studio organises the International Design Festival in Costa Rica, Latin-America’s biggest multidisciplinary design event.

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