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Quadradão — São Paulo, Brazil

Quadradão works on graphic, product and web design. "Design as project – construction, invention. An ongoing search for shapes and solutions is our starting point. We keep looking for a creative answer which considers the totality of the client's project."

Quadradão's production involves all kind of communication work, such as visual indentity, posters and websites. The team was formed within the Arquitecture and Urbanism College from São Paulo University, by Aline Coutinho, Andrea Ribeiro and Leandro Lopes. In 2008, the studio won two prizes: the visual identities for the 22nd Prêmio Design do Museu da Casa Brasileira and for the USP FM Radio; and in 2010, Quadradão was selected for the posters exhibition of the 24th Prêmio Design do Museu da Casa Brasileira.

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