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RM&CO – Pete Rossi and Alfio Mazzei — London, Glasgow, Balerna

“Design and branding are a little bit like life itself. We must adapt, edit and remain flexible when working on building brands that are not only present but will progress and work in 5 or 10 years’ time. An identity system must be part of the evolution of the brand. An identity system must be timeless; it is not only present but future.”

The first two letters of this studio’s name, RM, are the initials of the respective last names of its founders – Pete Rossi and Alfio Mazzei. But the “CO” is the most important part of it as it symbolizes the way the pair set out to work from the very beginning – a mix of collaboration, talented people and networking. Many of their projects are cooperative and span their international network of individuals – designers, writers, illustrators, motion designers, photographers and programmers – who excel at their respective disciplines. More often than not, their creative projects are a mix of many great minds working together.

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