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Ramiro Galan — Pixelkings — Austin, USA

“The emergence of AR is really exciting. In traditional PC and console games, we’ve always explored the concept of how AR lives within a game’s experience through HUD and UI design. Now, we’re gaining a new dimension in gaming that brings another level of immersion as we move to true AR experiences. It provides amazing opportunities for innovation. Also, with the sheer power we’ll be seeing in next-gen consoles and PC hardware, the level of fidelity and creativity that can be reached within gameplay and the UI experience itself will usher in creative approaches that simply weren’t possible before.”

Ramiro Galan is a creative director who specialises in UX/UI and motion. He is widely recognized for his multi-disciplined, AAA work on games such as Halo 5 Guardians, PUBG, and the upcoming NBA 2K21. He’s a veteran in the industry, having spent the last 20 years working with clients such as Marvel, Disney, Microsoft, Nike and IBM. In addition to his gaming work, he’s currently helping to shape the future of healthcare with the Life Sciences team at IBM’s Watson Health organisation.

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