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Raquel Costa — Little Black Spot Studio — Braga, Portugal

What is your most memorable window-display design? “The annual themed window-display designs created for Hermès truly stand out. For the elaborate fantasies they evoke, for the powerful fascination of alluring scenes designed to pull in the observer, to make us dream, inciting us to dissect their intricate surfaces, and explore their visuals in depth. They demonstrate an absolute mastery of aesthetic value and story-telling, bringing each window display closer to the field of pure visual art.”

Raquel Costa is an artist and illustrator from Portugal and a co-founder of the Little Black Spot Studio, a small creative agency focusing on branding and brand-activation services. She manages projects from different creative fields, such as graphic design, editorial illustration, advertising, window-display design and visual merchandising. She’s currently teaching editorial illustration at the IPCA Design School.

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