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Raul Catwork — Phuket, Thailand

“I am really pleased with Umbrella Studio. It fulfilled all its marketing aims and left the client and his customers very happy. It was a serious work using simple solutions, but a modern creative approach. I concentrated on usability and typography. Each element is exactly where it should be, with a very simple but at the same time interesting grid. Each page can be conveniently viewed on all devices. It is not easy to create a minimalist design with performance as the ultimate goal. I have received some interesting offers from various advertising companies following this project, which is very motivating.”

This Russian artist currently living in Thailand is 28 years old and has eight years of experience in UI/UX, apps, web and motion design. He pays great attention to detail and and he creates “thoughtful design from a marketing standpoint. I correct accents using UX, typography and grids. My design fulfills the ultimate goal – selling.” He has worked with clients from the US, Western Europe and Australia and his extra-curricular interests are travel, photography, advertising, boxing and running.

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