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Relajaelcoco Studio — Pablo Galeano, Francesco Furno — Madrid, Spain

What are the essential elements that go into making a good editorial design? “It can sound obvious but contents are the most important part, and a good relationship with the client too. If those two aspects are strong, then the design process is going to be easier because any visual solution is made to outline and frame the value of the main idea. In our case, once we have good material, the most important step in the visual development is to have a powerful concept that allows us to define the entire graphic system from the header to footnotes.”

Relajaelcoco is a graphic-design studio based in Madrid, founded by Pablo Galeano and Francesco Furno. The studio’s name in slang Spanish means “Relax your mind” and the pair say: “It’s how we develop each project — spreading good vibes, thanks to a strong methodology that helps us to provide the best experience to the client.”

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