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Revert Design — Trevor Finnegan — Dublin, Ireland

Two in particular come to mind. I have always thought that IKEA could have a much more interesting logo. It could use a constructible logo, for instance, to reflect its DIY flat-pack approach to furniture. And the font type could be much more engaging. Another one that could do with a complete re-brand is Sony. The use of Clarendon Wide as its logo font has become very stale and boring. I feel that it could do with a much cleaner sans serif font, which would show a more modern approach. Other technology companies, such as Hewlett Packard and AOL, have done this successfully.

Studio Revert is a Dublin-based multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Trevor Finnegan in 2013. Its focus is on creating “functional and beautiful design”. The studio offers a complete professional design service including identity, branding, packaging, print, interior and web and works for a growing number of clients across a range of different areas, with an emphasis on start-ups. “We believe that good design is good business,” says Finnegan.

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