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RoAndCo Studio — New York, USA

“Foil is definitely my favourite print finish. It will adhere to most surfaces and is tactile; it can be metallic, fluorescent, matte or glossy and, if executed well, will always ensure the best final touch to a printed piece.”

RoAndCo stands for “The Company and Collaborations of Roanne Adams”. As a multi-disciplinary creative agency it thrives on an extensive network of creative professionals in a wide variety of fields, which builds on the in-house team of art directors, designers and managers. Adams and co. work “quickly and intuitively to pinpoint the most essential visceral quality with which to tell a company’s story and visually captivate its audience”. Over the last eight years, she has built strong relationships with photographers, developers, stylists and musicians, as well as with other designers and art directors. This collaborative environment is what makes RoAndCo such a special place.

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