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Robolito — Adriano Vaz Bohra — Curitiba, Brazil

“They mainly pertain to the surfaces and the material, with issues regarding geometry and dimensions. When it comes to colours, I use my own identity and characteristics, which centre around the use of vibrant colours, especially when they involve my Robolitos characters, which become more visible in all aspects.”

Adriano Vaz Bohra or Robolito comes from Curitiba in Brazil and is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with several artistic languages, his main focus being on urban art. His first artistic expression in the streets began in 1998 through small tags in the suburbs of the city of Curitiba, influenced by graffiti and street art, animations of the ’80s, Ufos, illustrations, Japanese series and science-fiction films. From these influences he began to branch out into other artistic manifestations. His style of work involves well-known imaginary characters– Robolitos as he affectionately calls his creations — and he uses 2D or 3D forms for his murals, installations, sculptures, illustrations, or toy art.

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