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Ryan Atkinson — Dubai, UAE

What is the most memorable piece of typography you have come across? “LOVE by Robert Indiana comes to mind. It’s a great example of playfulness between language and typography. The letter ‘O’ is slanted so that its oblong negative space creates a line towards the ‘V’ portraying an underlying idea of connectedness. But its sense of play is also served by its abstraction, in the fact that it could have many meanings, or even none — it could just as well be linked to the idea that love makes you crazy and that’s why things don’t align. But most importantly, it makes you feel something as soon as you see it.”

Ryan Atkinson is a multi-disciplinary designer, currently based in Dubai where he leads teams and projects across various creative disciplines with a primary focus on branding. His work has received global recognition and awards including accolades from D&AD, The One Show, Cannes Lions, The Art Directors’ Club, NY Type Directors’ Club, Graphis and London International.

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