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Ryan Bugden
 — Brooklyn, New York City, USA

“My typeface Spec came from a curiosity about abstraction. I wondered how abstract I could make the alphabet while maintaining readability based on context. At first, I refreshed my knowledge of Gestalt principles of grouping and started making absurd sketches of individual letters. Then I proceeded to subject all other glyphs to the same intangible principles of abstraction that I had established, shifting the principles as needed. Ultimately, I ended up with two sets of typefaces, each intended for different viewing distances: Spec Near and Spec Far.”

Ryan Bugden is an independent graphic and type designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Before graduating from TypeMedia in The Hague, he received his BFA in graphic design from RISD and completed the [email protected] Extended Program. He has worked as a senior designer at studios such as Red Antler and Pentagram.

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