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SPIN — Tony Brook — London, UK

What is the most inspiring piece of typography you have come across? “There are many, but one example of note that we would like to draw attention to is a beautiful, ground-breaking poster by the great Swiss designer Armin Hofmann that is our Rosetta Stone. Temple und Teehaus In Japan (c. 1955) has a reductive attitude and a hard-edged, slightly unbalanced sensibility that we find both disturbing and inspiring.”

Designer and publisher Tony Brook founded the multi-disciplinary design studio SPIN in 1992. It primarily focuses on the creation of contemporary identity design and over the years has built up an impressive client list including the BBC, Google, Ministry of Sound, the Crafts Council and Samsung. Brook says that he is “obsessed by the challenges of a discipline that exists in a state of constant flux. At its best, it can be thought-provoking, beautiful, memorable and leave a lasting impression. At its worst, it is visual pollution, meaningless and ignored. At SPIN, we make bespoke, innovative and thoughtful responses to the questions we are asked.”

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