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STOCKHOLM17 — Lorenzo Gaggiotti — Stockholm, Sweden

“I am very fond of letterpress with ink and foils of any kind, or just with blind embossing/debossing. I like the tactile feedback that a letterpress print gives. The depth of the impression on the right paper enhances the design. Also, the fact that letterpress machines are hundreds of years old and still perfectly and precisely working clashes with today’s digital-era paradigm (mechanical printing machine versus digital laser printer, analogue versus digital).Letterpress’s tiny imperfections somehow give ‘soul’ to the produced item: it is much ‘warmer’ than a regular print.”

Lorenzo Gaggiotti at STOCKHOLM17 designs and produces custom poker-size playing cards and tarot decks. On every project the focus is on the quality of the product and it is the details that make the deck stand out. The foundations of the projects are always based on a strong and interesting concept/story/theme.

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