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Sarah Bridgland — London, UK

"Paper is a humble material that can be manipulated in extraordinary ways. It has its own qualities and behaviour patterns – it springs in a certain way, colours, fades and ages – and these are characteristics that I like to work with. Plus, the majority of the paper I use dates from the middle of the last century so it already has a story to tell; it inspires feelings of nostalgia, which is an inherent part of my work."

The art pieces that Sarah Bridgland makes look far too intricate to be have been created by human hands. The UK-based artist produces some astonishing collages that pop out just like those old-school 'surprise' birthday cards. Her miniature creations exist on the boundaries between sculpture and collage art, both real and imaginary space being filled with second-hand ephemera and fragments left over from her own media, in a detailed and delicate way.

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