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Sciencewerk — Surabaya, Indonesia

Geocities, Angelfire or Tripod. Coming from the first generation of the Internet era, we have fond memories of those DIY blogging sites that offered free 2mb hosting. We would like to do a fun project creating an online exhibition showcasing all such sites, ugly or otherwise, that need to be archived into something like an online museum. Even if the brand is dying, the online museum could be a good place for people to indulge their nostalgia for the way in which amateurs really built the web during that era.

Sciencewerk is an independent design studio based in Surabaya, Indonesia. It comprises a team of multi-disciplinary designers that creates identity design, websites, print and objects for corporate clients, organisations, individuals and self-initiated projects. Its skillsets range from digital to traditional craft. The name Sciencewerk was inspired by an autonomous project for an online exhibition staged in 2008 called Sciencewerk: Cloning And Society, which involved more than 30 South-east Asian artists in a bid to raise awareness about cloning through art collaborations.

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